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GWI Update 21 September 2016
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GWI Update 21 September 2016                                                                                            click here for a printable version

The 5th IAWM International Conference, hosted by the Mexican Federation of University Women (FEMU)


— Graduate Women International news —

United Nations General Assembly opens in New York
The 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opened in New York 13 September 2016. As the chief policymaking and representative body of the United Nations, the General Assembly provides a forum for multilateral discussion of international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations.  Following the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 at the 70th UNGA, the theme of the 71st UNGA is “The Sustainable Development Goals: a universal push to transform our world. "A number of critical issues concerning education will be tabled at the UNGA including progress towards SDG Goal 4, Quality Education; education for refugees and financing for education. Graduate Women International (GWI) is encouraged to see that in preparation for the UNGA emphasis has been placed on the importance of SDG 4 as a supporting condition for progress towards all 17 SDGs, as well as SDG Goal 5, Gender Equality.

— GWI member news —

 Federacion Mexicana De Universitarias hosts conference in Mexico
Every year, the GWI national affiliated association in Mexico, the Federacion Mexicana De Universitarias (FEMU) organises an international seminar. This year they will host the 5th Conference of International Association of Women´s Museums (IAWM) from the 28 - 30 November 2016. The Women's Museum of Mexico, a successful project of FEMU, aims to present the history of Mexico from a gender perspective, from pre-Hispanic times to the present time, in order to make visible the historical tasks of women and their contribution to the construction of the nation. The IAWM Conference is focussed on the importance of Women’s Museums around the world, in the spread of equality culture. For more information and to register visit www.femumex.org

— Advocacy —
33rd Session of the Human Rights Council to discuss violence against indigenous women and girls
The 33rd Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) runs in Geneva from 13-30 September 2016. During the 33rd Session the Annual half-day discussion on the rights of indigenous peoples will be held on the theme: The causes and consequences of violence against indigenous women and girls, including those with disabilities. GWI advocates for equal access to education and addresses barriers to education at every level, for all girls and women. GWI also emphasises the role of education in empowering girls and women to achieve gender justice, in the struggle to eliminate violence against women.  To read GWI’s oral statement submitted to the HRC, click here.


European Commission Call for Proposals - Preventing & Combating Violence Against Women
Violence against women and girls is both a cause and consequence of gender inequalities. It is a violation of human rights and the most brutal form of discrimination on the basis of sex, and results from unequal power relations between women and men. Conversely, it hinders women from fully participating in the labour market, families and society at large. The European Commission Call for Proposals for Action Grants aims to co-fund national information, awareness-raising and education activities aimed at preventing and combating violence against women in line with the specific objective to promote equality between women and men and to advance gender mainstreaming. Proposals should aim to produce results with EU added value. The open call site is here.


As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, GWI is sincerely grateful for all donations received from the wills of members and patrons, which make a significant difference in enabling advocacy activities and projects. By leaving a gift in your will to GWI, you are supporting the organisation to continue its mission to increase access to lifelong education for girls and women globally. Please remember to update your legacy to GWI if you have already made one for IFUW.
— Other information and events
October 22 IrFUW Annual Conference Dublin, Ireland
October 25 - 26 International Universities Networking Conference Istanbul, Turkey
November 22 Boosting Youth Employment: Growth & Quality Jobs Brussels, Belgium
November 27 - 30 Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 28 - 30 5th International Conference of Women’s Museums Mexico City

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Empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. GWI is in special consultative status with ECOSOC and is an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO.

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