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GWI Update 24 August 2016
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GWI Update 24 August 2016                                                                                                   click here for a printable version

SAAWG President Dr Ida Mulenga, GWI President Catherine Bell and Professor Adam Habib at the opening of the  GWI General Assembly and 32nd Triennial Conference in Cape Town, South Africa


— Graduate Women International news —

At its 32nd Triennial Conference, Graduate Women International announces partnership with MsGinko
Graduate Women International (GWI) is proud to join the not-for-profit affiliate of Legacy Sàrl, MsGinko.  MsGinko is an online video recording and sharing community where real stories inspire action for women and girls. Members of MsGinko have the opportunity to answer questions recorded by other members, including advocating on human rights, leadership and other inspiring issues. GWI member videos on a wide range of topics will be showcased on the site. MsGinko is launching in beta version at the GWI 32nd Triennial Conference in Cape Town, 24-26 August 2016. As part of the four-strand programme examining the intersection of education, gender and human rights, the Conference will look at addressing complexities, new technologies, and violence in education. To join the conversation, share experiences and actively participate in sessions featuring a range of expert speakers, register now at www.gwiconference.org.

— GWI member news —

 GWI global membership meets in Cape Town, South Africa for General Assembly
National federations and associations (NFAs) from more than 24 GWI member countries met at the organisation’s General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa, 21-23 August 2016. GWI President Catherine Bell, and Dr Ida Mulenga, the President of the South African Association of Women Graduates, SAAWG, welcomed delegates to the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Professor Adam Habib, Vice-Chancellor of Witwatersrand University, gave an impassioned and inspiring keynote speech on his experience of addressing alienation and gender equality at the university. He emphasised the importance of a pragmatic approach to achieve inclusivity and access to higher education. The GWI General Assembly is the occasion, once every three years, for GWI membership to elect a new Board and vote on GWI constitutional matters and policy resolutions.

— Advocacy —
Girls and women’s empowerment to participate in the peace process
The counter-terrorism community has recognised that girls and women can and do play multiple roles in the terrorism equation – not just as victims. Women have also been enablers, supporters, and members of violent extremist and terrorist groups, and they have been perpetrators of terrorist attacks. On the positive side of the equation, women have been dissuaders and preventers of radicalisation and recruitment. More progress is needed to empower women and enable them to participate in the peace building process. With this in mind, Women In International Security (WIIS), an organisation dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international peace and security has launched a series of roundtable discussions to bring together the counter-terrorism communities. Read their latest policy brief here.  GWI advocates for education as an essential requirement to empower women to participate in the peace-building process.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on human rights related subjects now open in Chile
The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Chile project http://moocchile.com  consists of massive free online courses on human rights and related subjects. The courses are permanently available online and the project already has more than 21,000 students in total, from 133 different countries. They are pleased to announce that this year a free online course entitled "Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity" will be launched, available from 31 August 2016, and will remain online indefinitely, with no student limit nor time limit to complete it.
Give the gift of Education

Join our GlobalGiving campaign and help us raise US $50,000 to support 50 women student teachers in 2016. 50 trained women teachers will provide quality education to up to 11,750 students per annum. GWI provides scholarships and mentoring support to young women from rural areas of Uganda to become qualified teachers and ambassadors for girls’ education. Donate now and help us train women teachers to train 1000s of students.  You can read more about GWI’s project Teachers for Rural Futures here. 
— Other information and events
September 13 - 16  European Association for International Education Liverpool, UK
September 19 - 20  Preventing Violent Extremism through Education New Delhi, India
October 22 IrFuW Annual Conference Dublin, Ireland
October 25 - 26 International Universities Networking Conference Istanbul, Turkey
November 27 - 30 Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 28 - 30 5th International Conference of Women’s Museums Mexico City

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Empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. GWI is in special consultative status with ECOSOC and is an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO.

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