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GWI update 03 August 2016
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GWI Update 03 August 2016                                                                                                   click here for a printable version
French Minister for Women’s Rights Ms Laurence Rossignol, and Isabelle Trimaille from AFFDU at CEDAW


— Graduate Women International news —

GWI/UAUW Teachers for Rural Futures project proud to sponsor more students
Graduate Women International (GWI) is proud to announce a further three young women undergraduates joining its Teachers for Rural Futures project. The project is already sponsoring two students, Winfred and Benadet, who have successfully completed their first year and are currently building their skills with teaching practice in local schools. GWI national affiliate the Uganda Association of University Women (UAUW) conducted community engagement to promote education for girls and women in the rural community of Buyende in eastern Uganda, and identified these candidates for the project. New 2016 student Hasifa says: “Educating the girl child is an investment…because girls are the mothers of the country”. GWI is now sponsoring five girls who will be teachers and ambassadors for girls’ education in rural Uganda, thanks to our generous donors. Help us train more women teachers in Uganda to teach thousands more students. Donate now.

— GWI member news —

GWI member association heads delegation of 65 women’s NGOs at CEDAW
The Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, (CEDAW) Geneva, 4-22 July 2016, has just finished its 64th review session of countries’ progress on women’s rights, including France. GWI member, the Association Française Des Femmes Diplômées Des Universités (AFFDU) attended: Isabelle Trimaille headed 65 women’s NGOs (La Coordination Française pour le Lobby European de Femmes, CLEF) at CEDAW for the review of France. She coordinated presentations and headed discussions, as well as meeting with the Minister for Women's rights, Ms Laurence Rossignol. When countries are reviewed, NGOs are invited to provide alternative reports to the states parties’ reports, in the form of ‘Shadow Reports’. Read the Shadow Report submission by CLEF here and the observations following the review of France published by the CEDAW Committee here.

— Advocacy —
ECOSOC High Level Segment reviews progress on Sustainable Development Goals
The High-Level Segment of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), New York, 18-22 July 2016, represented the culmination of ECOSOC’s 2016 cycle. It addressed the Council’s overall annual theme, “Implementing the post-2015 development agenda: moving from commitments to results”. The High-Level Segment’s aim was to advance coordination, dialogue and review on progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To this end, it brought together high-level representatives of United Nations (UN) Member States and the UN system, as well as civil society actors such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academia and the private sector. The first Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) report was presented, which will serve as the benchmark against which all progress on the SDGs will be measured. The official text of the GWI submission, a written statement, can be accessed here.

Community of Democracies is calling for applications to expand civil society space
The Community of Democracies United programme (CD-UNITED) funds projects that support and strengthen democracy in countries around the world. The list of eligible recipients ranges from unregistered organisations and non-profits to universities and international organisations that are working to promote human rights, freedoms and the values enshrined in the Warsaw Declaration. For more information and to download the application form, please follow this link.
— Membership

Give the gift of membership! Do you know a graduate woman who would like to join the leading women’s international organisation that works to empower girls and women through access to lifelong, quality education and training? Give the gift of membership to join a global community of some 20,000 members in 80 countries, either as a GWI independent member or national member of one of our National Federations and Associations (NFAs).
— Other information and events
August 08 - 19 Women’s Human Rights Education Institute Intensive Toronto, Canada
September 19 - 20  Preventing Violent Extremism through Education New Delhi, India
October 22 IrFuW Annual Conference Dublin, Ireland
October 25 - 26 International Universities Networking Conference Istanbul, Turkey
November 27 - 30 Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 28 - 30 5th International Conference of Women’s Museums Mexico City

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Empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. GWI is in special consultative status with ECOSOC and is an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO.

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