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GWI Update 11 May 2016(한국여학사협회 기사가 실려있습니다!!)
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GWI Update 11 May 2016                                                                                                          click here for a printable version

Members from the Korean Association of University Women attend a car maintenance workshop



— Graduate Women International news —
Graduate Women International Conference Early Bird discount ends 31 May 2016
The Graduate Women International (GWI) Triennial Conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa 24-26 August 2016. The conference will provide the opportunity to showcase key global trends in education including new technologies and managing complexity in education. There will also be the chance for stakeholders in education to discuss intersecting issues in education, human rights and gender. The Early Bird conference registration discount ends on 31 May 2016. For more details see www.gwiconference.org. GWI official partner airline Emirates is offering a discount to paid registered GWI members, please click here for more information. To access this and other exciting GWI offers why not become a GWI member?

— GWI member news —

Resource Development Centres a success in South Korea
Workplace skills training has been a success for the Korean Association of University Women (KAUW). These Resource Development Centres, set up in several locations in South Korea, upskill young women entering the job market, as well as those wishing to returning to work. Office skills such as IT training are offered as well as useful practical skills, for example car maintenance. These centres are an excellent example of women’s economic empowerment in action - they are a direct reponse to the professional needs of women who want skills to increase their economic opportunity and entrepreneurship, as well as every day life skills. GWI’s national federations and associations (NFAs) in over 60 countries, actively work towards the empowerment of girls and women through education up to the highest levels.

— Advocacy —
Gender Wage Gap Report 2015 just released by Insititute for Women’s Policy Research
The Gender Wage Gap Report for 2015 has just been released by the The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR). The report sheds light on the shocking fact that women’s median earnings are lower than men’s in nearly all occupations in the USA. Altogether, there are only four occupations in which women’s median earnings are slightly higher than men’s, but 108 occupations in which women’s median earnings were 95 % or lower than men’s. In general it is the highest paid occupations that have the biggest gender gaps and the lowest paid occupations that have the smallest gaps. Graduate Women International advocates for the economic empowerment of women, which includes ending all forms of discrimination against women in the workforce, and closing the gender pay gap.
Call for applications

International Centre for Parliamentary Studies offers certificate in Strategic Gender Equity Planning
The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, ICPS, is offering their next Professional Certificate in Strategic Gender Equity Planning  in London 12- 16 September 2016. As the Post-2015 Development Agenda takes shape, gender issues have become increasingly integrated into development and sectoral policy planning, whilst being accepted as a crucial component of building an innovative society and a successful economy. For key insight into this critical area of development planning, please see here for more details.  ICPS is offering an early registration reduction of £500 until 18 May 2016. The certificate is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, the leading body that awards internationally recognised management and leadership qualifications.
— Membership

Join our GlobalGiving campaign and help us raise $50,000 to support 50 women student teachers in 2016. GWI provides scholarships and mentoring support to young women from rural areas of Uganda to become qualified teachers and ambassadors for girls’ education. Donate now and help us train women teachers to train 1000s of students.  You can read more about GWI’s project Teachers for Rural Futures here.
— Other events —
May 16 - 19 Women Deliver Conference Copenhagen, Denmark
May 21 Graduate Women Scotland, AGM Dundee, Scotland
June 22 - 25 Empowerment for Personal and Professional Leadership Panama City, Panama
June 24 - 25 Canadian Federation of University Women AGM Ontario, Canada
June 24 - 27 University Women of  Europe AGM and Conference Winchester, UK
July 21 - 23 3rd Network Gender and STEM Conference 2016 Newcastle, UK
August 08 - 19 Women’s Human Rights Education Institute Intensive Toronto, Canada
November 28 - 30 5th International Conference of Women’s Museums Mexico City

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Empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. GWI is in special consultative status with ECOSOC and is an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO.

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